CAMWOOD, also known as Bahia Nitida or barwood, is a small understorey evergreen tree that is commonly planted in villages and is native to central Africa. It is also known as osun in Yoruba. The wood has historically been used for furniture, mortals, and pestles.

It can be used as an exfoliant in cosmetics (mix with a teaspoon of warm water into a paste), applied to the face or other area you wish to exfoliate, and scrubbed in a circular motion for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water

Camwood is a powerful natural remedy.The following conditions can benefit from using it in scrubs and soaps because of its exfoliating qualities:

  • skin discoloration
  •  eczema
  • wrinkles
  • acne
  • rashes
  • sunburn
  • accelerated aging

Depending on the skin condition being treated, camwood is a very efficient natural skin lightening agent that should only be used in moderation. It is frequently a key ingredient in the African black soap used to achieve skin lightening.Therefore, remember to look out for camwood, also known as osun in Yoruba, which is available from the purely organic Nigeria store the next time you wish to shop for some natural raw materials for cosmetics.


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